"Two Siblings - One Vision."

Having both experienced life-changing results through Network Care and Reorganizational Healing, Dr. Mel and Michael Krug are on a mission to empower others to discover their true healing potential from within and ultimately, guide members of the community to feel liberated in their health choices.

Dr. Mel Krug - Founder, Owner &

Lead Practitioner

Real Stuff

  • Minnesotan born & raised

  • Community-oriented

  • Fun & energetic

  • Loves kids, including dog-kids

  • Womanpreneur & world-traveler

  • Triathlete

  • Mental/Emotional health advocate

  • Forever student on LIFE & healing

  • Fulfillment in life is living in true, authentic alignment from the inside out


  • Nature & Chipotle

  • Yoga & Orange Theory Fitness

  • Foodie & self-taught chef

  • Playing rugby & cribbage

  • Adventuring & hiking around the world

  • Forever learning & growing

  • Reading, teaching, growing, sleeping, laughing

Doctor Credentials

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science - Minneapolis, MN

  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Northwestern Health Sciences University, MN

  • Chiropractic Mission Work - Haiti, Dominican Republic, & Peru

  • Speaker at BDC Summer Camp, business and growth conference - Miami, FL

  • Speaker at EVOLVE Women's Chiropractic Conference - Twin Cities, MN

  • Founder & mentor of BDC Prep School, online mentoring program for entrepreneurs & service professionals

Let's connect - what INSPIRES you?

 Michael Krug - Community Wellness Leader

Real Stuff

  • Health and Wellness enthusiast

  • Most likely to find me outdoors

  • Love learning and educating

  • Cooking is second nature

  • Extremely active - I don't sit still!

  • Always ready for an adventure

  • Dedicated to helping others understand their truest and fullest potential


  • Writing - Poetry and Blogs

  • Podcast production

  • Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting

  • Golf in the summer

  • Hockey in the winter

  • Foods of all kinds and flavors

  • Trying new things


  • BA in Psychology - Minor in Women's Studies

  • MS Leadership (on the way)

  • Health and Wellness coaching certification (on the way)

  • Future NBC-HWC

  • Certified Domestic Violence Advocate - State of MN

  • Founder of Scribblers - Writing/creativity group

  • Producer - Inspire Life Podcast, Scribblers Podcast, and The Perspective Project

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