Personalized, One on One and Group Guidance Sessions with Dr. Mel

Are you looking for more personalized guidance in your healing journey? Are you on the EDGE of a bigger breakthrough in not only your physical well-being, but your LIFE? Do you desire to bring elements of Network Care, 12 Stages of Healing, EpiEnergetics, and Somato Respiratory Integration to you and/or your team?

One on One and/or Group Guidance may be your next step along the transformational journey!

SO what does that look like, you ask?

One on One and/or Group Guidance with Dr. Mel - $150/hour

Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized Somato Respiratory Integration exercises and practices

  • One entrainment session per hour, per individual

  • Guidance, coaching, and teachings on elements including the 12 Stages of Healing, Network Care, the Energetic Intelligences that run your LIFE, the Sacred Seasons, and more


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